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The Salem Catholic Schools Foundation welcomes one-time gifts, specific-use or restricted donations, monthly and annual contributions, and donations of any size. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization ensuring charitable contributions will not only help our community but offer you a tax-deductible benefit.

St. Vincent de Paul

Estate Planning

The Salem Catholic Schools Foundation welcomes charitable giving through your estate plan. Some donors are fortunate enough to have the resources to help make their community a better place now and in the future. Your donations can go a long way in ensuring that our Salem area Catholic schools stay strong, and our future generations flourish from an affordable Catholic education. We would be happy to discuss what your funds can do and help you build a legacy.

“When my parents came to Salem in 1942, they looked to the Salem Catholic schools to educate their growing family-to-be of five children. Generations of Catholic families before them supported their parishes in Salem so that couples like the young Kennedy couple could have Catholic schools available for their children. All five of their children attended St. Vincent de Paul School and three of us attended Serra Catholic High School. What can we do now to support Salem Catholic Schools to ensure that future young families can have the same educational option for their children as you and my parents? Including the Salem Catholic Schools Foundation in your wills is a proven way for you to help. That is our choice even though we don’t live in Salem anymore. The gift is a long-term proposition but institutions like Catholic schools are a long-term proposition. Universities rely on estate gifts so why can’t Catholic grade and high schools? Please join my wife and I by including the Salem Catholic schools Foundation in your estate plan. It is simple to do, and the Foundation is very helpful, professional, and discreet. The Foundation, and its predecessor, has been here since 1946 to help donors make contributions to our schools. It is the right thing to do to make a lasting change for the education of our wonderful children.”

-Paul & Susan Kennedy
St. Vincent de Paul School, Class of 1955
Serra Catholic High School, Class of 1959

(Statement from Paul Kennedy 04/17/2014)

How donations help our Salem area Catholic schools

Donations in any amount are needed to help fund our Grant Programs and help our schools thrive and keep up with the changing times we live in. Donations can be made for specific areas that speak to a donor’s heart or can be made in general to be used where needed most at the time.

The Salem Catholic Schools Foundation provides financial support to five Salem area Catholic schools:

  • Blanchet Catholic School; Middle School and High School Education in Northeast Salem
  • Queen of Peace Catholic School; Elementary Education in South Salem
  • St. Joseph Catholic School; Elementary and Middle School Education in Downtown Salem
  • St. Vincent de Paul Dual Language & Immersion School; Elementary Education in English and Spanish in North Salem

“The Salem Catholic Schools Foundation’s support for tuition has certainly made a tremendous impact on our community. With their support, our school saw a 10-15% increase in enrollment.”

-Rich Hernández
Principal, St. Vincent de Paul

The Salem Catholic Schools Foundation (SCSF) has offered several different grant programs over the years to support the Salem area Catholic schools. The types of grants have been donor driven and have met several needs by our schools from technology upgrades to building renovations to tuition assistance. None of these grants would have been possible without the support of our generous donors.

SCSF offered Bricks, Mortar, & Technology Grants from 2014-2020. Grants were provided to the schools to finance a range of needed upgrades including:

• Roof Repairs & Replacement
• New Boilers & HVAC
• Renovations to Restrooms
• Renovations to Reception Areas & Classrooms
• Window & Door Replacements
• Updated Lighting & Electrical
• Desks & Chairs
• Playground Upgrades

• New Laptops & Computer Systems
• iPads for Students
• Document Cameras
• Smart Boards
• Robotics
• STEM Based Curriculum
• Security Systems
• Sound Systems

music education

As the schools rejuvenated from the Bricks, Mortar, & Technology Grant Program, donors found a new focus that would help the schools compete with the public schools, grow, and become viable. Since 2020, the schools have applied and received grant funds for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) programs and facilities.

Over the years, some donors have requested that their funds be used for general and sometimes specific needs. When funds are available, SCSF has a Special Grants Program that supports the schools in various ways like, Club Sponsorships, Auction Sponsorships, Transportation, All-School Lunches, and Special Equipment. SCSF found donors to sponsor special music experiences: an Artist in Residence provided music training to all students; an Inspire Program that went to Europe to perform in our Catholic Churches abroad; Pianos for every Salem area Catholic school; an Orchestra Program; as well as music instruments and equipment.

SCSF has offered Emergency Tuition Assistance Grants since 1995. These grants are available to help families who have found themselves in a situation where tuition for the current school year will be a hardship because of a death in the family, a loss of a job, or an unexpected expense. In the first 25 years, from 1995-2020, SCSF has worked with the Salem area Catholic schools to help nearly 500 students continue their Catholic education. SCSF continues to offer Emergency Tuition Assistance Grants and believes that tuition should not be a deterrent for a Catholic education.

Donations can be sent to:

Salem Catholic Schools Foundation
1850 45th Ave. NE, Suite 102
Salem, OR 97303

For more information, please contact our business office at 503-371-9068.

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