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"Why We Are Including the Salem Catholic Schools Foundation in Our Wills”

When my parents came to Salem in 1942, they looked to the Salem Catholic schools to educate their growing family-to-be of five children.  Generations of Catholic families before them supported their parishes in Salem so that couples like the young Kennedy couple could have Catholic schools available for their children. All five of their children attended St. Vincent de Paul School, and three of us attended Serra Catholic High School.  


What can we do now to support Salem Catholic Schools to insure that future young families can have the same educational option for their children as you and my parents? Including the Salem Catholic Schools Foundation in your wills is a proven way for you to help. That is our choice even though we don’t live in Salem anymore. The gift is a long-term proposition, but institutions like Catholic schools are a long-term proposition. Universities rely on estate gifts, so why can’t Catholic grade and high schools?


Please join my wife and me by including The Salem Catholic Schools Foundation in your estate plan. It is simple to do, and the Foundation is very helpful, professional and discreet. We urge you to call the Foundation at 503.371.9068 with your inquiries. The Foundation and its predecessor, has been there since 1946 to help fund donors make contributions to our schools. It is the right ting to do to make a lasting change for the education of our wonderful children. 


Thank you.


(Paul: St. Vincent class of 1955 and Serra Catholic class of 1959)

Written by Paul and Susan Kennedy


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