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Adaptability and Resilience - Blanchet Graduation Commencement Address

By Irene Firmat June 2015


Good Afternoon – as a mother of two older children I have been through my share of graduations and I appreciate what a deep personal importance they have. I am honored that I have been asked to join you today.


Graduations are like hitting pause button and we don’t have many of those in life. We spend most of our time focused on the day to day, while days turn to weeks, and months into years. It moves so seamlessly that time seems to just happen to us. This event is one of those rare moments when we actually have a sense of our past and future – clearly defined.


Catholic Education: Open to Everyone

By Salem Catholic Schools Foundation July 2014


Salem-area Catholic schools are reaching out to the community to let everyone know that they welcome students who are non-Catholic who wish to pursue an excellent Catholic education.


Catholic education has a reputation for excellence, but some may think Catholic schools are only for people in the Catholic faith. However, a substantial percentage of students in Catholic schools are not of the Catholic faith.

"Why We Are Including the Salem Catholic Schools Foundation in our Wills”

By Paul and Susan Kennedy 2013



When my parents came to Salem in 1942, they looked to the Salem Catholic schools to educate their growing family-to-be of five children.  Generations of Catholic families before them supported their parishes in Salem so that couples like the young Kennedy couple could have Catholic schools available for their children. All five of their children attended St. Vincent de Paul School, and three of us attended Serra Catholic High School.  


New Artist in Residence Aims to Enhance Music Education

By Joe Burns November 1, 2013



It was an offer Carol Ann Manzi couldn’t refuse. Manzi, a professional vocal artist, teacher and inspirational speaker, was approached earlier this year by a friend about the need for an Artist in Residence for Salem area Catholic Schools. Manzi said the offer was just perfect for all that is important in her life, “namely, my spiritual values, singing and teaching,” Manzi said. “Then, in a very short and divine order, the road was paved for me to get here and begin.”


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