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Salem-area Catholic schools are reaching out to the community to let everyone know that they welcome students who are non-Catholic who wish to pursue an excellent Catholic education.


Catholic education has a reputation for excellence, but some may think Catholic schools are only for people in the Catholic faith. However, a substantial percentage of students in Catholic schools are not of the Catholic faith. In 2013, there were more than 1.9 million students who attended Catholic schools nationally. Out of that population, 323,542 (16.4%) of the students were non-Catholic. In Salem, Oregon, there are four Catholic schools with nearly 1,000 students. Blanchet Catholic School, a mid-high and high school, served 355 students last year, and 30% were non-Catholic.


Our Salem-area Catholic schools are faith full and follow the education principles and values of our Catholic Church. At the same time, we open our arms to those who wish to participate in our schools.


St. Joseph Principal Melissa Doxtator explained their approach:


“Our schools are faithful to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, and we teach with that doctrine in mind. But we welcome those who are non-Catholic but want to participate in our education system. We do not proselytize to our non-Catholic students; we respect the faiths but also expect non-Catholic students to fully participate in our programs and activities.”


Those interested in applying to the four Salem-area Catholic elementary schools: Queen of Peace, Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, St. Vincent can visit  for links to the school’s websites and contact information.


Those interested in applying to Blanchet can do so using an online application at or by paper application by visiting the school.

Catholic Education: Open to Everyone

By Salem Catholic Schools Foundation

July 2014

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